Bob MacKenzie

I try to facilitate the interplay of writing and conversations as a form of critical friendship (generous yet robust challenge and support) between people of different cultures and generations.  For me, this relational approach enables us reciprocally to explore and deepen our understanding of OST praxis, and to do our bit towards shaping a more hopeful world.  We can also have some serious fun..

Andy Piasecki

I am interested in helping to create and sustain communities of people from a wide range of backgrounds, and across generations, who wish to participate in dialogue leading to positive action that will make a difference for our own lives and the lives of others.

Rosemary Cairns

I am a peacebuilder, an observer, a person who sees patterns.  Small experiments like this one, which bring together a self-selected group of people to explore the things about which they are passionate, offer a way for us to explore how this a new society might emerge.

Alison Piasecka

What deeply matters to me is people connecting in a troubled world- even the smallest connection creates the possibility for growth, change and stimulating personal or group action.  Experiencing working together for a common aim is very enriching for me- and I see it being like that for others too.