Bob, Rosemary, Andy and Alison are the curating team for the OST Project.  We began working together in 2013 as a result of collaborating on the AMED journal, and since then, we have, between us and with Anna Fairtlough and Erica Piasecka, edited three editions of the AMED journal exploring the concepts and practice of Open Source Thinking.  As our work has evolved, we have now decided to regard ourselves as curating a long-term project into OST, and how learning to work, live, communicate and behave differently across languages and cultures can actually happen.  When we run gatherings, we work to support local hosting teams or act as the hosting team ourselves.


Hosting teams are mainly local to the gathering location, and undertake to support the living and learning conditions needed for open and engaging exploration and work to take place.  


Participants join us to form our gatherings- and bring the energy and commitment to others and to learning that make our gatherings special to us and those we connect with.  


The 'Contact' page explains how you can become a part of OST.  AMED is the Association for Management and Education Development- more here 


Curating, hosting and participating...