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"...Openness isn't the end; it's the beginning..."

Margaret Heffernan, 2012

People say...

"...I see conversations as central to making changes in our personal, social and organisational lives. The OST Gatherings are a place where we can generate conversations for action across languages and geography..."


"...Finding connections between people to promote social and environmental justice matters to me. The OST project creates a friendly and practical space to do this. For me, OST gatherings are fun and convivial as well as stimulating, creative and busy..."

We are from...

France, Canada, Norway, England, Scotland, Australia, The Ukraine, India,  Spain...We are united by a desire to create change and positive initiatives, which often start in small ways.


‘Open Source Thinking’.

This is our shorthand for how better to contribute to, work with and learn from each others’ thinking and experience within and across different generations, countries and cultures.

is coming to Bore Place, Kent

Fri 30 October- Sun 1 November 2020

The Old Stable, Bore Place,

Bore Place Road,

see OST2020 page

The countryside around La Burra Verde

The countryside around La Burra Verde